Admissions FAQ

Saint Mark’s School is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Independent schools are distinct from other non-public schools in that they are independently governed by a board of trustees and that they are funded primarily through tuition, charitable contributions, and endowment income. To be eligible for membership in NAIS, schools must be accredited, nondiscriminatory, 501c3 non-profit organizations.

Saint Mark’s School is fully accredited by the California Association of Independent Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Episcopal schools “are not (operated) solely as communities for Christians, like a parish church,” but are “ecumenical and diverse ministries of educational and human formation for people of all faiths and backgrounds. Episcopal schools are populated by a rich variety of human beings, from increasingly diverse religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. In fact, the intentional pluralism of most Episcopal schools is a hallmark of their missions.” (Source, the National Association of Episcopal Schools).

The Head of School, Chief Financial Officer, and Business Manager set awards on the basis of financial need. A committee of trustees who are not currently parents of students at the school provides advice on the administration of the tuition assistance program. However, the committee is not involved with the detail of individual awards. Awards are not made based on academic merit or special talents such as athletic or musical abilities.

Every family’s situation is different, and each family is considered on an individual basis based on all available information. Therefore, it is important that you submit information promptly and accurately. There are no “cut-off” levels of income or assets that disqualify a family from receiving assistance. Saint Mark’s is committed to maintaining economic diversity.

Many factors affect tuition assistance awards, the most significant being family income. Other financial elements are also considered in making awards, including family size, number of children attending tuition-charging schools, family assets and liabilities, and unusual expenses. The analysis gives consideration to such factors as taxes, medical expenses, the need to save for retirement, and basic living expenses.

Many families seek assistance through the tuition assistance program each year, and the resources of Saint Mark’s are limited. Therefore, we begin the review of each family’s financial circumstances with the assumption that family resources will be used to the maximum extent possible. We anticipate that this will involve some degree of sacrifice. We ask that you give careful thought to the maximum amount of tuition which you can reasonably pay and ask only for that which cannot realistically be paid from your own resources or those of your extended family.

All living parents are expected to contribute to their child’s education and complete all paperwork required for tuition assistance. Parents with joint custody should each submit a complete tuition assistance application. The school considers the resources of a stepparent in making an award determination.

Returning families are encouraged to apply if their financial situation has changed. Every year, all families, new and returning, are considered individually so that the school’s resources can be allocated wisely.

Yes. Financial circumstances often change from year to year, and in order to allocate our limited resources fairly, it is necessary for you to reapply each year for assistance.

No, admissions decisions are made independently of tuition assistance decisions.

Yes. Only those who are directly involved in awarding tuition assistance have access to any financial information. The bookkeeper is notified of final award amounts for billing purposes. Teachers and students are not informed of tuition assistance recipients.

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For forms or further information, please contact Ann Grimmett or Franklyn Shen in the Business Office at 626-798-8858.

For application forms or enrollment information please contact Maggie Young at 626- 798-8858 x270